Transforming brands through innovative connections with design and technology.

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m an Executive Creative Director with over two decades of experience harnessing your teams’ innovative and creative capabilities to elevate your brand. Leading, mentoring, and collaborating closely with creatives, strategists, and tech teams. I develop innovative and engaging customer experiences by leveraging my educational background in computer science and design to bring a unique perspective to brand building, immersive experiences, and targeted advertising. Throughout our collaboration, I ensure that everyone, from team members to stakeholders to executives, understands the ideas’ strategic value and potential impact. With a hands-on approach, I help your teams transform these ideas into award-winning platforms, ads, and experiences that resonate with customers and deliver substantial results.

Chris has been fortunate to work with leaders in their respective industries – Activision, Abbott, Adobe, Aidentified, Bed Bath & Beyond, BOTA BOX, DataStax, Dolby, Facebook, Fox, HondaJet, The Irvine Company, Jameson, Jobvite, LA Clippers, Lightstorm, Mach49, Mamba, Meyer, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Panda Express, QuickBooks, Ripple IT, Sony, Sprint, Subway, Toyota, Twitter, Walt Disney World, Wild Earth, and Unilever. Has been recognized for multiple Effies, including Golds and a Grand, and numerous creativity awards.


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