Aidentified Identity

Relationships are Everything

Aidentified challenged me to develop a brand guide and identity around meaningful relationships. Because Relationships are everything.

Aidentified Logo and Mark

The Relationships Mark

First, Aidentified needed a mark. They were using AI as their identity; however, it wasn’t something ownable that truly represented relationships. Taking the I from Artificial Intelligence, the Relationship Mark shows the visual connections the AI-powered prospecting technology provides.

Brand Strategy and Brand Guide
Aidentified Brand Guide

Everything was brought to life in a detailed brand strategy and guide. The new brand identity extended their current color system to be a little more inviting to help transform the business’s visual presence.

The Infinity Rolodex

Aidentified is in the business of creating relationships. I wanted powerful, productive, and profitable relationships, so I developed the visual design system called the Infinite Rolodex to represent that. It’s a throwback to the traditional prospecting tool but visually evolved to show the infinite connections Aidentified’s AI-powered tool can create.

Developed social and website design templates.

Designed PowerPoint and Google slide presentation templates.

Also, developed brand collateral to show how Aidentifed can be a part of your everyday life as the tools build relationships.