Happy Cooking

Anolon needed to deliver on those sublime cooking experiences by helping every chef find their happy place. We developed the new brand to engage home chefs by enriching them in the knowledge of their craft and amplifying the pleasure of their pursuit of perfection.

Creating a place where they can deliver satisfying meals that fulfill their practical and emotional needs by elevating them with something a little extra.

We developed a robust 160-page brand guide that explores every little detail of the brand. We started by detailing our brand strategy through their consumers that helped us craft their new brand identity and logo.

From there, the new brand helped every home chef find their happy place, amplifying their pursuit of culinary perfection.

AnolonX Boxes

It started with brand strategy, refining the masterbrand design, brand identity, and messaging for this flagship sub-brand. We created new packaging for retailers and DTC channels, both worthy of the brand’s most innovative collection. We then designed the Anolon X page to create a frictionless purchase experience.

Paid social advertising tells the product story with exquisitely beautiful video advertising content.

Lower funnel paid social ads and Anolon’s first-ever TV spot drove DTC sales.


The campaign did wonders for the brand before it even ran, helping Anolon with their sell-in efforts including a new retail channel partnership with Williams-Sonoma. More importantly, we drove 100% sell-through of the first production run.

Worked with Meyer for over five years and had the privilege to develop yearly campaigns that included print for Anolon, Circlon and even created the brand guide and packaging for Farberware.

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