Silhouette Moments

Digital displays will showcase scenes of the Aquarium’s real-life underwater beauty, framed by animated silhouettes of aquarium “visitors” observing the magic. When pedestrians step within range, the experience will capture that person’s silhouette and display it onto the underwater experience itself. Users will be playfully prompted to show their “best octopus impression,” test “how high they can jump,” and more.

Inspired by an art project I was working on, these dynamic digital screens will display a beautiful underwater scene full of color and natural motion, featuring a fashionable cuttlefish. For those who stop to admire him, the imaginative cuttlefish – a natural master of camouflage – will detect the current viewer’s clothing color, morphing his color to match his admirer and relaying a personal message.

Magical Results

165,000+ Shelter Engagements

490,000+ Impressions across 8 Shelters