Your Social Playbook defines how your brand appears across all digital media—making it repeatable, consistent, and shareable.

They consist of Brand purpose & ambitions, audience segmentation, brand voice & tone guide, style guide, content narratives & framework, channel strategy, and measurement benchmarks & goals.


Social Creation: Content streams are essential for building brand equity and functioning as repeatable, templated, evergreen campaigns. The streams are continuously assessed and optimized, employing performance insights to enhance audience engagement and align with our strategic goals.


Streamline Creative: Social content is best produced in large batches, as it is cost-effective and allows us to quickly respond to ad-hoc requests such as viral moments in pop culture or notable responses.


Make Stuff: I created most of the social content. I shot, directed, edited, and designed most of the content. Producing relevant content is cost-effective and faster.


Jameson Irish Whiskey

I catapulted a 240-year-old legend from obscurity straight into the limelight, turning it into a top-five titan in the spirits world. During our electrifying six-year saga, I was the mastermind behind its digital and social strategy, crafting unforgettable social campaigns, pioneering digital innovations, and creating those jaw-dropping hero moments. My game-changing content strategy blitzed over 160 pieces of social content across 29 global stages, dominating platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I unleashed everything from eye-catching static images to gripping short and long-form videos, quirky GIFs, mesmerizing Cinemagraphs, and beyond.

A year into the relationship, we steadily brought the Jameson brand to life on its nascent social media platforms. Our efforts were noticed. Based on social engagement, Jameson edged out Maker’s Mark as the #1 spirits brand on social media in Foodable Labs’ rankings of the Top 10 Overall Spirits Brands. The brand also received a #1 ranking from The Spirits Business and consistently ranked in their top five for years. 

Caught the Interest Green HandedLaunched a Whiskey... Into Space


As the Creative Director at the helm, I transformed BOTA Box into a shining star in the Delicato portfolio. My approach wasn’t just multidimensional; it was revolutionary. From crafting an ingenious strategy to unleashing impactful digital advertising and establishing a robust social media presence, I left no stone unturned. Initiatives like “Wine Down Wednesday” weren’t just content streams; they were strategic moves to weave the brand into the fabric of popular culture. And then there was our “Corgibacks” NFL integration – a stroke of genius that spiced up our paid advertising and electrified our owned channels.

The Results:

All these efforts weren’t just for show; they catapulted BOTA Box to the prestigious position of the #2 Millennial wine brand. In this creative battlefield, I didn’t just play the game; I redefined it.

Panda Express Social Content Examples


As the Creative Director steering Panda’s digital and social AOR, I was the driving force behind their entire social strategy – from crafting the messaging and tone of voice to devising a savvy channel strategy. My leadership extended to orchestrating their advertising campaigns and overseeing community management with a keen eye. The evergreen content wasn’t just content; it was a culinary showcase, spotlighting their food’s top-notch quality and meticulous preparation, tailored to resonate with different slices of the Panda audience. And when it came to Limited Time Offer (LTO) content, I wasn’t just launching new products – I was creating a wave of more profound engagement with the fans, turning casual observers into loyal enthusiasts.

See How Fans Found their Sweet SpotThe World's Widest Website

George Kittle + Panda Express

George consistently supports Panda by posting and creating content throughout the year. For the Honey Sesame Chicken Breast (HSCB) campaign, we transformed George into a self-help guru, encouraging people to “find their sweet spot” with HSCB. He starred in a motivational seminar series celebrating HSCB and his own persona. This was complemented by engaging social content and a limited edition swag line for fans. The campaign peaked with George’s announcement that HSCB was becoming a permanent menu item.

The Results:

Social impressions: 16.66MM
Post engagements: 147.62K

See How Fans Found their Sweet Spot

Andrew Huang + Panda Express

We teamed up with Andrew Huang to craft a custom track blending the sounds of preparing FCCB with dynamic music and striking visuals, enhancing the dish’s appeal and boosting sales. Our collaboration highlighted the dish’s fresh ingredients, expert wok technique, and unique flavors, extending our reach to Andrew’s followers with authentic content resonating with both Andrew Andrew Huang and Panda Express.

The Results Featuring Andrew Huang:

Social impressions: 7.01MM
Post engagements: 51.7K

Micro-Influencers + Panda Express

The influencers’ content amplified our message, maintaining the authenticity of their style and persona. We engaged them for both evergreen initiatives and limited-time campaigns, enhancing relevance for key segments of our audience.