Swipe West for Pep-Pep

To help we created Pep-Pep the Sichuan Wonderpepper, our spicy Sichuan “spokespepper.” Pep-Pep had one goal, and one goal only: To get from Chengdu, China to Rosemead, California on the widest mobile site ever made…

11,888 Miles Wide

Seriously, we crunched the numbers and made it that wide…And Panda fans were asked to help him cross it, one swipe at a time.

Connected With Our Fans

Partnering with award-winning motion graphics house, we creating paid stories, organic posts, and banner ads drove people to the mobile experience, where they were rewarded for their swipes with coupons, sticker packs, and more. Other banners featuring our spicy boy drove online orders.

Fiery social posts.

Launched at San Diego Comic-Con

We launched the site at San Diego Comic-Con, where convention-goers got Pep-Pep started on his journey while snacking on the spicy new dish ate Pep-Pep’s Hot Spot.

Helped Spice Up Your Conversations

We even awarded our fans with iOS sticker packs that I developed myself.

Hot Results

Fans everywhere helped Pep-Pep land in America, where he got to sprinkle his signature spice on delicious Sichuan Hot Chicken. With 16.3 million impressions and 3 million swipes, Pep-Pep served over 10,000 SDCC Fans.