NOR is a connected universe of competitive games.

In support of the global announcement of NOR we designed and launched NOR’s NFT: The Aspect of the Nine.

The NFT lets players participate in NOR’s economy. In the game world, it’s a representation of the owner’s immortality and which of the original Nine immortals they align with.

Our launch campaign began by teasing the incredible procedural art across Discord and social channels.

Trailers for the Nine

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Our next trailer inspired our fans to discover their own immortality. Followed closely by our next drop: The Second Aspect of the Nine.

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Aspect of the Nine Trailer


This excitement continued as the floor prices of the NFT soared 32x above the minting price. And both drops helped grow our community by 500%

Best of all, the hype we built around this gaming platform has our community eager to Discover their Immortality and get their Fourth Aspect of The Nine.