THE REPLACER was a digital experience that unburdened players from life’s obligations so they could spend more time kicking ass in Black Ops II Uprising; through a fully integrated campaign that includes rich fullscreen media experience, the Replacer can take care of players’ housework, their bossman, studies or so-called friends. The Replacer is in touch with the internet culture so that players can replace their social status with a Replacer video status message. They can also have help order food and services or even enter fullscreen interactive computer takeover so they focus on playing more.

The Replacer’s return allowed the team to create a rich video experience leveraging the celebrity talent from the game trailers and building upon the success of the team’s initial Replacer digital experience. The success of the Black Ops II: DLC 2 campaign went beyond industry press and dramatic community engagement but directly impacted the DLC sales. Black Ops II: Uprising outsold DLC 1, breaking an industry-wide trend of sophomore DLCs underselling the debut release of downloadable content. The Replacer Returns and are now Activision’s benchmark of industry best-integrated campaigns.