A Con of Our Own

Yes, Mamba-con with an M. Coincidentally, it happened to be at the same time and place as Comic-Con International.

Mamba-Con engaged with hundreds of fans during our 2-day event which played Adventures In Mamba World on one of our four store screens. We handed out over 20,000 Mamba packs, generated over 45 million impressions, and engaged fans for over 2 minutes on each gameplay.

Adventures in Mamba World Game Trailer

Run. Jump. Go Right.

We also took the game to the streets of San Diego with the world’s first Adventures In Mamba World Mobile Game Cart. A mobile gaming cart we designed to generate buzz on the streets of San Diego. Fans lined up for hours for a chance to win free Mamba World t-shirts, and Mamba pins and enjoy some chewy Mamba candy.

Mamba Jordan Fisher

Gaming Influence

After the convention, we kept the momentum going via one of our influencers. Jordan Fisher (best known for his role in Hamilton and for winning Dancing with the Stars) challenged his 1.4MM followers to beat his high score for a chance to win exclusive swag.

A Social Power-up

Mamba-con activation and Adventures in Mamba World created a ton of social content. Who wouldn’t want to watch a robot play a video game starring itself?


Over 20,000 packs of Mamba were handed out.

Fans played for over 2 minutes on average on the site.

And generated over 45 million impressions.