The industry talks about how e-commerce and online retail engagements are rich experiences. However, they’re still a flat, 2-dimensional, endless aisle representation of today’s retail stores. And while e-commerce is flat, commerce is not. Retail stores create an emotional experience that connects shoppers to a brand and their products. We saw that Virtual Reality is the perfect channel and technology to connect and immerse consumers in a story and a digital brand experience. The Apartment puts consumers at the center of it all and in control of the story.

The Apartment VR retail experience is a shopping trip, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It takes the theme of curated quintessential things to the next level, where consumers are transported to SoHo NYC and shop The Apartment by The Line, simply by putting on a Samsung Gear VR headset. The experience breaks away from the traditional interaction paradigms and user interactions we’re all familiar with on mobile, television and our personal computers.

The Apartment creates a sense of presence in the space and adds a new level of engagement, truly connecting with other existing channels. Consumers can feel the pulse of the neighborhood, hear the backstories of the products and immerse themselves in the location. While exploring The Apartment, consumers have the opportunity to add items to their “cart” with just a tap of the VR headset. When they complete the experience, they’re instantly connected to the online checkout page where they can complete the shopping experience in any channel, at any time.


Winner:  Best AR-VR Immersive Entertainment in Advertising and Live Event and Installation at Digital Hollywood‘s Fall Event.

Featured: Epica Book 29 – Creative Communications – Shortlist (Buy Now)