Modern golf isn’t the lonely pursuit of a handicap. It’s a social outing. It’s a slew of side games with a slew of side pots. It’s a round of bets at each hole for a round of beers at the 19th. In 2016 we celebrated it and showed show how 18Birdies made it better than ever to hit the links. Make it fun.

So we launched Let’s make things interesting.

We launched Let’s make things interesting with our hero film Here Comes The Marshal, featuring a golf marshal—the brand foil to drive downloads of the 18Birdies experience. Traditionally, golf marshals roll up on a party to criticize behavior or pace of play. Ours pulled up and did the opposite. He didn’t curtail the golf experience; he enhanced it. Not only by sharing all the features & benefits the app has to offer but also had a sense of humor and a playful love of the game.

For most golfers, the sight of the marshal pulling up in his golf cart is a negative thing—that’s why we flipped it on its ear and delivered something unexpected and memorable.